The history of the KOMEL limited liability company dates back to 1990 when it was founded with switchboard manufacturing as its main focus. In the beginning, the most important thing was to build a good reputation and use it in order to acquire business partners within the region. After a year of garage manufacturing, the company leased its first small business premises and recruited its first employee.

From then on, the company went through rather dynamic development. The introduction of new modern technologies, focus on high quality, flexibility of production and the generally reputable conduct of the company in the following years were the main reasons behind the expansion of its activities throughout the country and later even beyond borders.

The continuing rise of the company made it possible to accept ever larger contracts and led to expansion of the business and growing employment.


The Present

Currently, KOMEL concentrates predominantly on manufacturing low voltage switchboards. Thanks to its production specialization, the company is able to deliver the highest quality at a corresponding price. Continuing customer satisfaction is ensured by employing the ISO 9001 quality management system for production and services.

By maintaining high quality standards, the company has acquired a wide portfolio of important business partners and has become one of the leading Czech manufacturers of low voltage switchboards which it supplies not only to customers in the entire Czech Republic but also in other EU countries.


The Future

KOMEL will continue to specialize in the production of low voltage switchboards. It will focus on maintaining the highest possible production quality standards and on continuously improving cooperation with its business partners. Thereby, it intends to consistently increase the satisfaction of its customers and its competitiveness.

The company is expanding its activities even beyond EU borders - into the Customs Union and the rest of the world.